5 Ways to Use Your LCD Writing Pad: A blog about using your device for educational purposes

Most of us have a device with an LCD screen — a phone, tablet, or laptop — and we use it for everything from watching videos to playing games. But did you know you can use it for learning too? We aren't talking about the LCD electronic tablet! We are talking about the new doodling LCD pad for a better future. We've put together five ways to use your LCD writing pad that don't involve watching videos or playing games. These will help you learn more about yourself and the world around you:

For doodling or sketching

This is one of the most popular uses people have come up with for these kinds of pads. People love to doodle and sketch when bored or waiting around somewhere, like at an airport or doctor's office. The only problem is that paper is only sometimes handy when this happens! That's where these LCD Writing Pads come in handy!

To write reminders and notes

Write down your daily goals and track your daily progress. This way, when you look back at your notes, you'll see how far you've come!

Keep track of what's going on in your life by keeping a journal or diary on your device. It'll be easy for anyone who picks up your device to read what's going on in your life, especially if they're looking through old entries!

To practice handwriting 

Learn how to write letters and improve your handwriting with an LCD Writing Pad. It's a great way to practice writing letters, numbers, and words. You can also use it to help you learn how to print and write simultaneously.

To practice drawing animals, shapes, and other objects

Design your own pictures! With this LCD Writing Pad, you can draw anything from animals to flowers and more! You can even create messages in different fonts or colors by pressing the buttons on each side of the screen.

To create messages in different fonts or colors.

This LCD Writing Pad is excellent for creating fun messages for friends and family members! You'll have hours of fun making silly faces or talking about what you did over the weekend with this fun gadget!