Best Christmas gift ideas with a writing pad to make your holiday special

Get your kids a magic writing pad for New Year and Christmas. This is a great gift for anyone who loves to write, draw and doodle on paper. The Magic Writing Pad is a fun, magical, and easy way to write notes without using paper. The LCD Writing Tablet comes with a stylus where your child can jot down notes quickly with no mess of Ink or Paper.

Let your child express themselves with this colorful magic writing pad, perfect for making lists or writing notes. This fun new year gift idea is the perfect way to keep little ones busy on the go or simply make sure they have something fun to do while they wait at the doctor's office or school pick-up line!

Why LCD Writing Tablets for Kids is the best?

Our E-Writing pad is really easy to write and erase and with its high-tech LCD, our kids will love to sketch something and write something continuously. There is no more break for writing and sketching fun!

  • LCD writing pads are easy to use, portable, and lightweight
  • Can easily erase the content on the screen with a single tap button
  • The Child can learn how to write letters and also improve their handwriting using LCD Writing Pad
  • The LCD Writing Pad is an ideal gift for kids who love drawing and writing. It's the perfect way to keep your child entertained while encouraging creativity and imagination.

More Features :

  • HIGH TECH TABLET: Our E- Writing pad is made with LCD Pressure sensing technology. This version of the screen has been widely praised and it makes you work easily. A real alternative to your pen and pencil, A Stylus will work better to serve its need. Just use it like a regular pen and pencil writing on paper.
  • LOCK AND ERASE: The Button placed over the Tablet will give you an easy way to lock the screen from accidental erasing and the Erase button to remove unwanted texts and drawings.
  • A REAL COMPACT: Our E-Writing tab is compact and it is 8.5 Inches in size to operate and handle it easily. It can be easily taken anywhere. Kids will love its portability!