About us

We're a bunch of backbenchers with a stupid idea that always ends up in the trash. It rarely works, so it's probably working now. Since 2017, we have wondered what can be done with our lives. And after two years of trial and error, we figured out that eCommerce was our thing.

We'd love to tell you how we got here, but it could be more exciting. The short version is that two years ago, we were casually chilling and reality hit us, asking, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to make money by doing something on our own"?

So we started looking into ways of making money as a team, but none of them stuck—until one day when one of us was browsing Amazon and saw a picture of organic vermicompost soil getting sold like crazy! And the seller is 3800 km away from our place.

We thought: "Wait a minute… Do people buy this stuff online? Like actual products?"
That was all the inspiration we needed: by the next week, we had an idea for an eCommerce store selling cool digital gadgets named Digitics. And now here we are!

We're just regular guys like everyone else. We don't have any superpowers. We want to be like everyone else but better (or at least not worse). We're not here to save the world, but we're here to make it a little bit better. We'll be happy if we can make even a tiny difference. We want to show the world that even the dumbest guys can do something good.

We don't know what you think about us, but we want you to know there is nothing special to say about us. We keep on trying.
So this is our story, and we're sticking to it. Oh, and keep shopping! Buh-bye